Riemann Techno Drums 6 (Techno - Drums - Oneshots - Kick - Snare)

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LABEL: Riemann Kollektion

Riemann Kollektion present Techno Drums 6

Riemann Techno Drums are 24bit WAV oneshot samples and work in all DAW like Ableton, Logic Pro, Cubase or FL Studio etc. as well as hardware samplers like Akai MPC, Elektron or MASCHINE etc.

The Kick Drums, Claps, Fx, Noises, Percussions and Snares are recorded in high studio quality and are mainly created with classic hardware drummachines like the Roland 808 and 909 as well as on our large Eurorack Modular Synth.

You will profit from the effort we have put into processing al sounds carefully with analog effects and stomp boxes, however further EQing and processing is recommended by Riemann in order to shape your sound. Make sure the tuning is right by adjusting the pitch knob of your sampler, this way you will achieve maximum impact!



  • 15 Claps
  • 45 Distorted Kickdrums
  • 34 Fx
  • 60 HiHats
  • 132 Kickdrums
  • 9 Noises
  • 35 Percussions
  • 56 Snares