Obeat Records

Soneco - Slap House (Loops, One Shot)


Soneco Slap House Samples

SAMPLE SOUNDS is proud to present the Soneco Slap House Sample Pack from OBEAT Records! This collection of Slap house beats, synthwave loops, and one-shots is ideal if your production style is progressive with futuristic vibes. This Soneco pack contains professional, bass-heavy loops for producers with a sense of urgency. You'll find double kicks and snares, as well as deliciously punchy bass sounds to make your next track shine on top! This Slap house sample pack gives you the confidence to create unique tracks with EDM influences.

Sample Sound is excited to partner with OBEAT Records to deliver ready-to-use samples straight to your studio. Soneco basses cannot be ignored! With punchy transients and full mids, these slap house loops will shake your dancefloor. These samples are carefully processed so that the sound seamlessly merges with your house productions to achieve maximum impact. DJs, producers, and musicians know they can trust Sample Sounds to deliver premium samples at a moment’s notice.

The Soneco Slap House sample pack is a collection of high-quality, production-ready drum loops and beats. This versatile kit has everything you need for any track type, from EDM-inspired house to Hip Hop. If you’re looking for a way to make your next track stand out, this unique sample pack is sure to deliver! This pack includes 21 drum loops with full, top, and base. In addition, you get 32 music loops including full, guitar, bass arp, horn, and more! 6 clap one-shots, 6 hh one-shots, and 6 kick one-shots are the cherry on top! Produce your next chart-topper today!

This Soneco Slap House Sample Pack is jam-packed full of techno drum and bass loops that are 100% royalty-free. Once you purchase this brand new sample pack, you can use these slap house beats in all of your productions with zero added fees! 

  • 21 Drum Loops (Full, Top, base)
  • 32 Music Loops (Full, guitar, bass, arp, horn and more)
  • 6 Clap One Shot
  • 6 hh One Shot
  • 6 Kick One Shot