Sooty - Minimal tech house (Construction Kits - Loops)

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LABEL: Samplesound

Sooty - Minimal tech house by SAMPLESOUND

At SAMPLESOUND, we’re passionate about elevating your music production. Explore "Sooty - Minimal Tech House," our premier sample pack designed to infuse your projects with a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Plunge into the distinctive minimal tech house style with "Sooty," meticulously put together by SAMPLESOUND's leading producers. Drawing inspiration from pioneers like Sidney Charles and Chris Stussy, this pack immerses you in the essence of the genre.

"Sooty" includes 6 Construction Kits, each brimming with creative potential and essential tools to assist your production from concept to completion.

"Sooty - Minimal Tech House" is a vital resource for marrying classic analog tones with modern trends, perfect for both aspiring and seasoned producers. Seize this sample pack and let the innovative sounds inspire your next creation!


  • 6  Constructions Kits
  • 5 Bass loops
  • 7 Kick loops
  • 6 hihat loops
  • 7 Perc loops
  • 5 Top loops
  • 3 clap loops
  • 3 snare loops
  • 5 Pad loops
  • 3 Pad loops