Sublife - Melodic techno (Kits - Loops)

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LABEL: Samplesound

 Sublife Melodic Techno Sounds

 If you're a fan of melodic techno, then you'll be happy to know that SampleSound has just released a new collection of sounds that will fuel your productions for years to come. SampleSound is proud to present Sublife, its latest melodic techno sample pack.

This unique collection of royalty-free samples is perfect for anyone looking to get started in melodic techno music. The collection is packed with melodic techno loops and kits, all of which are ready to be used in your production. Whether you're new to melodic techno or you're a seasoned producer, Sublife is an excellent way to add some fresh ideas to your music. 

This genre of electronic dance music combines elements of techno and house. It is characterized by a driving, menacing sound with hoover basslines, textured synth pads, and percussive rhythmic patterns.

This genre evolved out of the Acid House and techno scenes in the early 1990s, and it has been gaining in popularity ever since. This melodic techno house collection includes everything you need to create your own unique tracks.

The 20 drum loops provide a solid foundation for your beats, while the 20 top loops add melody and texture. 10 hh one-shots, 10 kick one-shots, 10 perc one-shots, and 10 clap one-shots provide a wide range of percussive sounds to choose from, and the 5 shaker one-shots add an extra layer of rhythm. The 64 music loops cover a wide range of sonic territory, from synths and arps to bass and pads. Plus, the 8 shaker loops add an extra element of groove.

Tale of Us, Artbat, and Adriatique are some of the most talented and forward-thinking producers in the melodic techno scene. Their music is characterized by deep, driving rhythms, soaring melodies, and a real sense of emotional intensity. SampleSound has been inspired by their work to create a stellar collection of Techno samples that will fuel your productions with unparalleled originality and quality for years to come. This pack has everything you need to create your own slice of melodic techno heaven, from pulsing basslines to ethereal synth pads. Dive in and start exploring the limitless possibilities of this truly inspirational sample pack today!


  • 20 Drum Loops
  • 20 Top Loops
  • 10 hh One Shot
  • 10 Kick One Shot
  • 10 Clap One Shot
  • 10 Perc One Shot
  • 5 Shaker One Shot
  • 10 Fx + 5 Fills
  • 64 Music Loops (Synths, Arps, Bass, Pads, Pluscks)
  • 8 Shaker Loops