Tech House Fills & Builds FX (Short Fills - Long Fills - Combined Builds)

Our price  €13,10

LABEL: 3q Samples

Sometimes we all get uninspired when it comes to building the definitive breakdown in our tracks, Builds & Fills FX is the ultimate tool to ignite the creative spark to it to the next level. Loaded with alluring snare rolls, raw acoustic drum fills, old skool DJ scratch fills, atmospheric sweep builds, you will have no problems achieving your production goals. Full combination loops have also been included for ease of use.

All loops are BPM synced to 126BPM, allowing you to drag and drop your samples into your DAW to create the perfect breakdown swiftly.

Builds & Fills FX is for fans of Wade, Andrea Olivia, Hector Couto, Wheats, John Summit, Cloonee, James Hype, Repopulate Mars, Solid Grooves, Kaluki, Toolroom and Relief.


  • 100 24bit WAV Files

  • 30 Short Fills
  • 30 Long Fills
  • 10 Long Sweeps
  • 10 Crash Fills
  • 10 Scratch Fills
  • 10 Combined Builds