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Area Pack

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LABEL: Aequor Sound



Aequor Sound present Techno Area Pack by Methodub

In continion of our Techno pack, we save the philosophy: give the musician what he needs more.
That's why our packs contain some type of loops more than other types. For example, many famous musicians use one bass drum from track to track.
But the rest of their sounds are constantly changing. It was this principle that we were guided by creating our pack.

Methodub is an electronic musican from Ukraine.
He works in various genres: from dub & ambient techno to deep & melodic progressive house. In his production, Methodub adheres to a deep atmospheric sound with lots of textures.
He considers himself to be more of a sound designer that writing music than a musician who creating a sound design.
Methodub - artist of such labels like Incepto, Microbios, Lincor, COOD, Inmost etc.



31 Bass Loops
30 Synth Loops
30 Hat Loops
8 Kick Loops
15 Pad & Drone Loops
5 Snare & Clap Loops
3 Vox Loops
1 Perc Loop
1 Tambourine Loop


2 Noise Hits
2 Noise Sweep
1 Clap FX
1 Snare Roll

Amount: 124 loops 298 Mb
Amount: 6 shots 12 Mb

310 Mb of Content
24 Bit 44.1kHz WAV
100% Royalty-Free

After purchasing this product, you can freely use all sounds from this pack in your commercial works and projects.