Techno Essential Drums (24-bit wav files Loops and Shots)

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LABEL: Audio Strasse

Since the beginning of the 90's, the drums have been a key tool for music, combined or replaced later by the Drum Machines for the electronic music, they represent the skeleton of the product in the all musical genre.

Audiostrasse is pleased to announce the second release of the followed series "Techno Essential" that after the great success of the “Synths" version, comes back on the market with a special Drums collection.
The word "drums" has a too generic meaning, but if associated to a specific genre, it gest a well-defined identity and unique properties.

Inspired by the resonances of the most underground walls of the clubs that represent the present and the future of the Techno in the world, the Berliner producer, selected a collection of elements that processed, according to specific rules of the Techno industry.
The origins of this genre are to be found in Detroit and Berlin, in the early eighties. "Techno" is short for "technologic", since this is music that makes the use of technological tools a main peculiarities.

Each samples was processed with the latest generation tools and the final effect is not even similar to that originally played by the individual hardwars.
This sound originality, diversifies a classic product to an almost surreal product, making it a “cult element”.
The drum machines that have been used to create the patterns of this pack are all Roland based.

Up to 200 mb of drums to get a high-level results, especially if accompanied with the sounds of the first release Techno Essential Synths.

Pack Contents:

  • 141 24-bit wav files
  • 40 Kit Drum Loops
  • 10 Clap Sequences
  • 10 Tom Sequences
  • 10 Ride Sequences
  • 10 Kick Sequences
  • 11 Hihat Sequences
  • 50 Single Shots