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Unami - Melodic Afro House (One-shot, Loops)

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LABEL: Samplesound



SAMPLESOUND is excited to present its exclusive melodic afro house sample pack, Unami. This pack is designed to provide the perfect balance between crispy, catchy melodies and richly textured afro samples. Whether you need a premium laid-back vibe or want something more minimalistic with authentic flavor, this set has just what you need for your next production!

Unami is jam-packed with creative percussion loops, artistic sounds, and tribal vibes. With a collection of samples created to inspire your perfect beat, Unami is influenced by labels such as Moblack and Keinemusik. This Unami sample pack is a producer’s dream come true! If you're looking for the perfect backdrop or an outright statement, Unami has what it takes. This set is loaded with professionally crafted beats, driving sequences, and effects that will maximize your programming potential.

Plus, layering ease makes sure everything clicks together seamlessly in any mix. Unami is overflowing with delicious, ethnic grooves that will get you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Unami is ideal for those who want to make their sound more diverse. Whether you're looking into adding some international flair or just need a fresh perspective, this pack will help your next project stand out from the rest!

Imagine the possibilities of an entire world unlocked before you. A place where anything is possible, and your imagination becomes the only limit! That's what it feels like when using this Unami sample pack. This sample pack includes 20 drum loops, 20 top loops, 7 arp loops, 14 bass loops, 13 pad loops, 13 shaker loops, 10 pluck loops, 6 synth loops, 13 bongo one shots, 12 clap one shots, 10 snare one shots, 4 crash, 16 hi hat one shots, 14 kick one shocks, 13 perc one shots, 10 shaker, 10 tom one shots, and 8 fx.

Additionally, Unami contains audio samples for added production convenience.
When you purchase Samplesound’s Unami set, you will enjoy unparalleled sound quality and 100% royalty-free tracks. There are a lot of great sounds in this sample pack, perfect for producers and artists looking to make something new. Unami brings a fresh take to the melodic afro house genre.

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  • 20 Drum Loops
  • 20 Top Loops
  • 7 Arp Loops
  • 14 Bass Loops
  • 13 Pad Loops
  • 13 Shaker Loops
  • 10 Pluck Loops
  • 6 Synth Loops
  • 13 Bongo One Shot
  • 12 Clap One Shot
  • 10 Snare One Shot
  • 4 Crash
  • 16 Hi Hat One Shot
  • 14 Kick One Shot
  • 13 Perc One Shot
  • 10 Shaker
  • 10 Tom One SHot
  • 8 Fx