Zesol Afro House Pack (One-shot, Loops)

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LABEL: Samplesound

ZESOL AFRO HOUSE PACK from Samplesound

SAMPLESOUND is proud to present the brand new Zesol Afro House Pack. This unique sample pack is jam-packed with one-shots, percussion samples, and afro-house loops to uplift your next track. In the Zesol Afro House Sample Pack, you’ll hear pounding tribal beats, deep basslines, and energetic synths. In this sample pack, you’ll notice artistic inspiration from Pablo Fierro, Rampa, Adam Port, and Andhim. Royalty-free samples, fresh vibes, and crisp production are a given with this sample pack.

This sample pack has a fantastic minimalistic sound full of deep and vibrant grooves that reflect an authentic afro house vibe. Percussion is combined perfectly with fresh, catchy melodies with plenty of room for development through repetition. This soothing yet toe-tapping sample pack will have your feet moving without even realizing it, while percussive scratches create a lively atmosphere. This Zesol Afro House Sample Pack is perfect for a wide array of house music sub-genres, including deep and tech-house.

The playful and exotic sound design possibilities are endless with this sample pack. You'll find everything from percussion loops and basslines to synth melodies for any project you're working on! This sample pack includes 46 loops, 4 construction kits, and 27 one-shots. Plus, this pack contains easy-to-use Midi files for production convenience. This pack will give your next music production a fresh new perspective while also providing variety. The Zesol Afro House Sample Pack is ready to use in any DAW or drum machine.

You're invited to enjoy this sample pack, and remember that sometimes it's all about one specific element. Feel free to experiment with sounds, mix them up in your favorite manner, and try new things! Samplesound’s packs feature unprecedented sound quality and royalty-free tracks. Pair with the newly released Maya Afro House Pack to receive 15% off your purchase at checkout.



  • 46 Loops
  • 4 Construction Kit
  • 27 One Shot
  • Midi Files