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5 of the Best Tech House Sample Packs in 2020

5 of the Best Tech House Sample Packs in 2020

2020 may have been a year of confinement in our homes, but that doesn’t mean the party stopped! Let’s end this year with a bang by producing some of the finest music from the best 5 tech house samples of 2020!

1.The Party Never Stops

Life, as previously knew it, has now changed for the foreseeable future. And, honestly? That’s no different when it comes to the music industry. We all know it, 2020 was a crazy year. However, music will always be that magical escape, especially in times like these.Tech House music isn’t just something you listen to, it’s a feeling. You don’t have to be in a club to get that feeling either. In fact, now that the whole world has moved online, the internet and social media have revolutionized how we listen, share, and make Tech House music. It’s now more reachable, and helped underground genres skyrocket in popularity.

One of the main reasons as to why Tech House is now so popular is due to the benefits it provided for its listeners throughout lockdown. It was an escape when people felt like they just couldn’t take it anymore. There is truly nothing like the uplifting sounds of 120 - 130 bpm to cure a bad mood. The healthy dose of bass was globally known to release a handful of dopamine, and elevate the listener’s moods.

Now that 2020 is coming to an end, it’s time to say goodbye to this wild year with a little at-home boogie! So, without further ado, coming up are the 5 of the best Tech House samples that 2020 graced us with from some of the best artists out there, in order to make sure that the party never stopped!

Top 5 Tech House Sample Packs in 2020

N 1. Artist Series: Funk Cartel - £18.99 | Samplesound


Funk Cartel - their journey into the Tech House scene is well underway. The dynamic duo is made up of brothers Blame Rory and Kimono Cam. They’re now massively well known for their rave ready flavors that constantly bring life and soul to the underground sound.

Their desire for standing out from the crowd with the high sustained energy that typically fills the room, and the combination of the excitement created whilst on the decks has proved a huge hit with tech house fans when it comes to getting their crowds moving.

There’s absolutely no question as to why they’re number one on the list with this debut Tech House sample pack. When you listen to the wide collection of crafted sounds, forward-thinking funky basslines, grooving drums, and deep synths that touch on genres like House, Deep/Minimal Tech & Tech House - you’re sure to get inspired for your next big release!

N 2. Dennis Cruz Secret Sounds - £17.99 | Natura Viva


Dennis the Madrid menace consistently gives party-goers what they want when he unloads his vibrant sets their eardrums. When he opened the doors to his studio with his Secret Sounds track, he really showed us why he is one of the most sought-after produces in the Tech House arena.

This truly talented music soul has had the opportunity to work with some of the best labels out there, and to be chartered by some top producers. Looking to inject the right elements on your next Tech House production? Give the Secret Sounds Tech House sample a listen to now!

N 3. Tech House Creations - Amsterdam Edition - £16.10 | Samplesound


If you’re a modern music producer looking for some of the finest sounds and samples out there for your Tech House productions, then look no further than this incredible Tech House sample. Inspired by the Amsterdam Tech House music scene, the Amsterdam Edition collection will blow your mind!

Jampacked with a whopping 296 WAV files and delivered at a premium quality of 24bit 44.1khz, this astonishing Tech House Creation collection will stimulate the senses and open the minds of even those with the biggest mental blocks!

N 4. Tech House Bundle 5 - £22.99 | Turbo Samples


Turbo Sample went CRAZY with the Tech House Bundle 5! They used the incredible sounds of Solardo, Patrick Topping, Dennis Cruz, Flashmob, and many more reputable artists to present you with this amazing Tech House Sample!

The Tech House sample bundle contains three of their best selling Tech House packs: Tech House nights, Hot Point Tech House 2, and Top Notch Tech House. Are you ready to make some noise with 1799 files, and processed and tuned loops presented at a warm 125bpm?

If so, click the link in the heading above and get started on producing Tech House music that will elevate moods, and send your listeners to another planet!

N 5. Warehouse Tech House - £18.99 | 3Q Samples


Reinforce your studio walls and get your speakers at the ready - the Warehouse Tech House sample has arrived. This superb collection of fresh and inspirational drum loops and samples, inspired by the grand days of 80’s rave warehouses and free-parties is going to drive you crazy (but in a good way).

Weighing in at 1.7GB, this Tech House sample made out of 265 unique sounds is ready to punch through any mix, and add immediate weight and groove to lock-in that cool, understated, tech groovy sound.

Every single sound included has been specifically hand-crafted with custom DSP routines. In addition, they have also been treated with Manley passive EQ, and Manley Mu limiters and compression. This all means that your Tech House sample will contain high volume and wide headroom, all while maintaining a clean and impetus sound!

Warehouse Tech House is the perfect tool kit of distinctive grooves and melodic parts aimed at producers looking for inspiration within House music and Tech House genres!

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